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These Terms and Conditions define conditions and rules relating to the use of the website LAWCONCEPT.RS. Please read them carefully and familiarise yourself with them. LAWCONCEPT.RS reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

By accessing and registering on the website LAWCONCEPT.RS you, without any exceptions, agree that you are aware of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, that you fully understand them and that you accept the defined rules therein, that you oblige to use the website LAWCONCEPT.RS according to them. The right to use this website is the personal right of each user.

While using the website LAWCONCEPT.RS, the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions apply, as well as all applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

The website LAWCONCEPT.RS is owned by L:AW Concept d.o.o. Belgrade-Voždovac, Matoševa no. 3, Belgrade, PIN: 111845873, and is intended for sale, brokering of sales and advertising of goods. When purchasing goods from L:AW Concept d.o.o. partners it is important to understand that the buyer enters into a contract with that partner. We demand that all our partners and advertisers respect all applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

All our partners and advertisers agree that the payment of ordered products will be processed through LAWCONCEPT.RS via the Raiffeisen Bank portal. Therefore, partners authorise L:AW Concept d.o.o. to receive fees on their behalf in the amount of the price of the product defined by the partner themselves. 

All basic product characteristics can be found on LAWCONCEPT.RS. According to the Law on Customer Protection, purchases through LAWCONCEPT.RS are considered a long-distance shopping. Products sold through LAWCONCEPT.RS have the properties required for regular use of these types of goods according to its purpose defined in the declaration. The uniformity of goods to the contract is determined solely according to the properties and purpose of the goods as defined by the corresponding declaration.

The sales price of products is indicated on each item.

L:AW Concept is obliged, as part of the service for its customers, to organise the delivery of purchased goods through courier services D Express or DHL.

The possibility of buying products with special price benefits and/or with special incentives (discounted sales) is done in accordance with the terms published on LAWCONCEPT.RS.

Costumers shopping on LAWCONCEPT.RS can pay for their order with well-known credit/debit cards at the time of purchase on the website through the Raiffeisen Bank portal. The costumer accepts the terms of purchase and return policy when creating an order by pressing BUY.

In case customers do not wish to keep the received products, they have the right to change their mind and to be refunded the purchase price for the product, within 14 days as defined by LAWCONCEPT.RS.

If you have any objections to the Terms and Conditions, please do not use this website.

LAWCONCEPT.RS is intended for adults. LAWCONCEPT.RS does not collect personal data on minors (persons under 16) without the prior consent of their legal representative (the legal representatives have the right, upon their own request, to review data entries made by a minor and/or to request the deletion of such data). False representation and false registration by persons not intended for the LAWCONCEPT.RS is strictly prohibited and can result in civil-legal, offence or punitive liability of violators. 

LAWCONCEPT.RS does not bear responsibility for any damage to the end user that has stemmed or may stem from the access or use of the website by persons who used false data. LAWCONCEPT.RS reserves the right to verify the accuracy of data registered on the website and reserves the right to disable access to the site if false representation is found to have occurred. Also, LAWCONCEPT.RS will delete all incorrect data from its database. Anyone who is enabled to access data on LAWCONCEPT.RS bears full responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from access, use or inability to use this website. These Terms and Conditions will always be available to you so that you may behave accordingly.

LAWCONCEPT. RS reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and will not be liable for any possible consequence as a result of such changes. Changes to the Terms and Conditions take effect by publishing on this website or when users are notified of them. After notifying you of amendments to the Terms, by using the website LAWCONCEPT.RS further you automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions and to these amendments, which apply to your future dealings with LAWCONCEPT.RS.


By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you agree to communicate with us electronically. We will communicate with you via e-mail or notifications that we will published on this website.


Your user account registration requires you to make your user data available: first and last name, phone number, e-mail address, and other data listed in the contact registration form, as well as creating a password that will be associated with your user account. By accepting these Terms, you agree that your data is true, accurate, valid and complete and that you will update it if necessary. In order to use LAWCONCEPT.RS you need a valid e-mail address and password after registration. If you are using LAWCONCEPT.RS, you are responsible for the maintenance, confidentiality and security of your account and password that you created when registering on the website and you must never allow another person to use your e-mail and password to access LAWCONCEPT content. By using LAWCONCEPT.RS you are responsible for all your account and password activities. Minors may use LAWCONCEPT.RS with the supervision of a parent or a guardian. LAWCONCEPT.RS reserves the right to refuse services, revoke the order or cancel the order if it establishes that the Terms and Conditions have been violated.

By registering and accepting these Terms and Conditions you:

  • accept the use of the website LAWCONCEPT.RS only for the purposes permitted by the Terms and Conditions and positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia;
  • accept that in no way the website LAWCONCEPT.RS will be used in a way that would disrupt its services or harm any third party; agree to receive all notifications or other communication via the contact details you have stated in your profile.


Content or parts of content published on LAWCONCEPT.RS is owned by L:AW Concept d.o.o. and individual authors and it is prohibited in any form to reproduce, distribute or partially or in whole use these contents for commercial purposes or otherwise that may indirectly or directly cause damage to LAWCONCEPT.RS or third parties or use it in a manner not in compliance with these conditions. Unauthorized use of any part of the content is considered a copyright infringement.


L:AW Concept d.o.o. provides services with good intentions and does everything in its power, to ensure maximum compliance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Serbia, personal data protection regulations, code of ethics, protection of the dignity of all persons, prohibition of discrimination, protection of copyright and other related rights and promotion of human values, but cannot guarantee the accuracy, authenticity and veracity of data published on this website, and in this sense, to the greatest extent permitted, excludes its liability for damages or any other kind of harm that may arise from or in connection with the use of LAWCONCEPT.RS.

L:AW Concept d.o.o. does not bear responsibility for any LAWCONCEPT.RS user nor for user content.

L:AW Concept d.o.o. reserves the right to make any changes to the content at any time and for any reason, without prior notice and excludes all responsibility for any possible consequence of such changes. L:AW Concept d.o.o. is not responsible for any loss of data that may occur when information is transmitted on the Internet in case Internet access is unavailable due to objective reasons for which L:AW Concept d.o.o. is not accountable.